Out of Hours Learning

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is served in the school hall from 7.45 – 8.25 am Children should be brought to the school office where they are registered.  Children can buy cereals, toast, spreads and various drinks.  Children are taken to their classrooms at 8.50am The cost for this service is £1.50 per child per day.


Recorder Club

Recorder club is held every Tuesday for Year 2 children that wish to take part. Each child is required to provide their own recorder which are available to purchase from the school office. 


After School Clubs

After school clubs are currently available for children in Years 1 and 2 and run for 8 weeks of the school term - usually 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after half term. We are currently offering the following clubs to our children and are currently charging £10 per child for the full term. There is no charge for children eligible to receive free school meals (Call free schools meals direct on 01708 433939 for more information on the eligibility to claim your entitlement) or for younger nursery and school aged children. Unfortunately, we cannot provide supervision for Junior aged children. All children will be provided with a drink and small snack.

Theatre club is run by an outside provider with a member of school staff supporting. Workshops can be based around team building, bullying, communication and keeping people active.
Library Club
Library club is run by our school librarian and will include reading stories, drawing pictures, for display work, creating stories around books 
Gardening Club  
Gardening club is run by a member of staff and will include planting and improving the grounds around the school.
Football Club
Football club is run by an outside provider with a member of school staff supporting. Children will be learning new football skills and playing mini matches. The football coach will be encouraging children to play in different positions to improve their skills. Children that have previously taken part in this club have really enjoyed themselves and as such this is our 6th year of holding this club. Please note that this club is based outside and as such children will need a P.E kit and suitable outdoor shoes.
Learning and singing a variety of new songs
Multi-Skills club is run by an outside provider with a member of school staff supporting. This club uses a variety of games to develop and enhance children's physical
Helping children with their homework, using books, computers etc. to research the homework tasks.
Street Dance
Street dancing club is run by an outside provider with a member of school staff supporting. This club is popular with both boys and girls. The dance teacher encourages our children to try different dance moves to upbeat songs as well as 'free styling' - allowing children to express themselves using dance moves. At the end of the term children will have the opportunity to perform their dance moves to their parents.