Parent Feedback

Thank you to all the parents of our Reception Year, for their wonderful feedback comments:


Q1. Does your child enjoy coming to school?

Some examples of responses:

“He really loves coming to school.”

“She is happy to go to School.”

“My child loves to come to school.”

“She enjoys going to school on a daily basis with big smiles.”

“Yes, has never wanted to miss a day, even when ill!”

“She absolutely loves coming to Drapers’ Brookside as she adores her teacher.  The classroom environment is very welcoming and calm.”


Q2. Do you feel staff foster good relationships with your child?

Some examples of responses:

“Yes, great relationships.”

“ I couldn’t ask for better relationships.  I fully trust them with my child.”

“I feel my daughter has a good relationship with all teachers in her class.”

“Yes, that is why he is happy to come each day.”

“I feel that the staff have helped and encouraged my child to come out of her shell and have made her more confident.”

“Very welcoming every morning and always come across happy and approachable.”

“She loves all of the teachers.”


Q3. Are you happy with their first year in full time school experience?

Some examples of responses:

“Yes, I am very pleased.  She is doing great and has improved this year.”

“Extremely happy, I couldn’t have asked for better!”

“Yes, she has come on well with reading and writing.”

“I am so pleased with my child’s first year in school.  She has made some lovely friends and has good relationships with her teachers.”

“She has grown up and learnt a lot this year.”

“ We liked the idea of introducing the children gradually in September to help them settle.”


Q4. Do you feel you have enough opportunity to get to know and speak to your child’s teacher?

Some examples of responses:

“The teachers are very approachable and helpful.”

“Yes, on more than on occasion the teachers have spoken to me and supported me with issues at home.”

“Always available for anything you need to discuss.”

“Over the last year I have enjoyed getting to know all of my child’s teachers.  I cannot thank them enough for their encouragement”

“the teachers always make time to speak to all individual parents.”


Q5. Do you feel you are involved enough with your child’s education?

Some examples of responses:

“Yes, I feel that we are involved enough, through all different ways of communication and lots of invitations to different things going on inside school.”

“It’s nice that the teachers open up the classroom and allow for parents to be involved more so we can see what school life is like.”

“Always opportunities to attend various pop-in sessions.”

“The communication was excellent and I felt involved in his education.”

“As our child has an EHCP, the staff involved us in the planning discussions and they check with us if we have other concerns or suggestions.”


Any additional comments:

“I cannot fault anything.”

“The teachers are doing great with the children in terms of learning and the support given.”

“The introduction of Math Whizz and Reading Eggs has had a great impact on my child’s development.”

“My child has had an amazing year, thank you so much.”